19th Century Grand Tour Bronze Figure

19th Century Grand Tour Bronze Figure
Circa 1850
A fine Grand Tour bronze figure of the Dancing Faun modelled on the original sculpture in the House of the Faun which was built in the 2nd century BC in Pompeii.

Circa 1850

Bronzes such as this were made in Naples to sell to those travelling to Italy on the Grand Tour.

The House of the Faun was built in the 2nd century BC during the Samnite period (180 BC). There is evidence, most notably in the eastern walls of the tetrastyle atrium, that after the great earthquake in AD 62, the House of the Faun was rebuilt and/or repaired; and the building was used again until the eruption of Mount Vesuvius. Although the eruption was devastating, the layers of ash covering the city preserved artworks, like the Dancing Faun and numerous mosaics.

The House of the Faun was initially excavated in 1830 by the German archeological institute.


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